Development in Milton

Building Possibility

Milton Ontario is one of the fastest growing communities in North America. Using a number of studies and strategies the Town plans to achieve growth plan targets to 2031 and beyond, while ensuring development is done in a way that respects Milton's First Principles of Growth.

Find out how Milton is growing using these interactive development maps. A printable version of the full map is available here.

Online serviceFuture Urban Structure Map - Building Possibilty

Online serviceCurrent Development Map

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Development Planning Resources 
Official Plan The Official Plan is a policy document that is intended to serve as Council's primary tool for making land use decisions and managing change in the Town of Milton.
Zoning By-law This document supports the general policies affecting land use found in the Town of Milton Official Plan. It also regulates building location, size and height as well as parking and landscaped areas.
Development Charges Residential and non-residential development charge rates.
Intensification Study Establishing a detailed planning framework for the Town's provincially designated Urban Growth Centre and its designated Built Boundary.
Growth Studies Milton has many new and exciting projects and initiatives underway that will positively impact our community.
Environmental Planning Managing the relationship between natural systems and human systems in the present and the future.
Maps Milton GIS mapping and printable pdf maps contain up-to-date addressing information.
Development Process Tools 
Development Applications Detailed information and application forms are available.
Site Plan Approvals The Site Plan review improves the function, design and appearance of proposed developments.
Compliance Requests Request assurance that a property is in compliance with Town of Milton by-laws.
Roadway Permits

Find information on Wide/Heavy Vehicle Loads and Road Cuts.

Sign Permits The Sign By-law regulates the size, use, location and maintenance of permanent signs and advertising on private property within the Town of Milton.
Solar Projects Detailed information and documents adopted by Council for solar projects are available.
Telecommunications Towers, Antennas Detailed information on the municipal consultation process, protocol, and application forms.
Zoning Apply for zoning variances and Zoning By-law amendments.

Town-Wide Planning Applications