Milton Springers Gymnastics Club Expansion 

In fall/winter 2012, construction will begin on the expansion of the Milton Springers Gymnastics Club, located on the north side of the Milton Sports Centre (605 Santa Maria Blvd.), facing Derry Road. Since 2003, the demand for gymnastics programming in Milton has exceeded capacity levels available at the current facility. The expansion will improve program delivery in the current gym and create space for new classes. The documents on this page are available in an accessible format upon request:

Expansion Details

The expansion will:

  • Add approximately 7,500 square feet to the club, which will better accommodate recreation programs
  • Reduce waitlist times by allowing a 40% growth in the number of class spaces
  • Reconfigure the main gym's equipment to accommodate training for competitive programs, youth recreation, trampoline and tumbling
  • Add space to host club events, such as the club's annual showcase Gymstrada, provincial qualifiers and invitational competitions
  • Provide additional space for administrative operations and spectators with viewing areas and office space

More Information

  • Milton Springers Gymnastics Club: Linda Massel, General Manager (905-878-5030)
  • Town of Milton: Joan Romano, Project Coordinator (905-878-7252, ext. 2540)