Destiny Milton

Service Area Master Plans

The adoption of the Destiny Milton 2 Strategic Plan's vision, goals and directions by Milton Council completes the first of three phases of the process.

The following Service Area Master Plans have been adopted by Milton Council, defining service priorities to respond to the strategic goals and directions:

Objectives of Department Service Master Plan  

  • Completion of an assessment of current projects and initiatives in progress
  • Review of current services delivered and delivery methods
  • Development of evaluation tools to evaluate and assess service delivery
  • Provision of recommendations to meet any new needs or possible future service requests


Service Plan development included research, analysis and in most cases, public consultation which lead to specific action plans. These action plans are considered during annual operating and capital budgets and work plans.

The purpose of the department service master plan is to develop a practical strategy that is based on a clear understanding of the Town's growth and resource limitations.  The department service master plans will ensure that the Town continues to provide right services in the right way, at the right time, at the right cost.