Milton Council has appointed ADR Chambers Inc. as the Ombudsman for the Town of Milton. The appointment is effective January 1, 2016.


The Ombudsman is an objective office of last resort for members of the public to bring forward unresolved complaints when all other processes have been exhausted.

Acting at arm's length from Town Council and the Corporation, the Ombudsman will independently receive, review and investigate complaints, provide periodic updates as a result of investigations and produce an annual report of its activities. 



 Annual Report

May 11, 2017

 MUN-116-0317 Delegation Request

 January 17, 2017

MUN-11-0216 Urban Service Area Tax Levy Phase Out

 January 17, 2017

MUN-23-0316 Urban Service Area Tax Levy Phase Out


Annual Report

 December 6, 2016

MUN-7-0116 Urban Service Area Tax Levy Phase Out

 November 24, 2016

MUN-43-0516 Urban Service Area Tax Levy Phase Out

 October 12, 2016

MUN-5-0116 Urban Service Area Tax Levy Phase Out 

Included in the Ombudsman's mandate:
  • Decisions made by the Town that are not within their legal power to make.
  • Where the Town has not followed the appropriate procedures in reaching a decision.
  • Where the Town has acted in a way that is contrary to the Town Rules, Procedures, or By-Laws.
  • Where the Town has failed to take a certain action that it is required to take under its Rules, Procedures or By-Laws.
  • Any decision or recommendation made, or act done or omitted, in the course of the administration of the Town, provided that it does not fall under the list of matters that are not within our mandate to investigate (see below).
NOT included in the Ombudsman's mandate
  • Any Town decision, recommendation, act or omission, in respect of which there is a right of appeal or objection to any court or tribunal, until that right of appeal or objection has been exercised, or the time for exercise of that right has expired.
  • Cases where the complainant has not taken their complaint to the Town first.
  • Decisions, recommendations, acts or omissions of a legal advisor or counsel to the Town.
  • Complaints regarding policing, the conduct of Councillors, and closed meetings of Council.
  • Complaints where the subject matter is deemed to be trivial, frivolous vexatious or not made in good faith.
  • Cases where more than one year has elapsed since the complainant learned the facts on which the complaint is based, unless special circumstances exist.

For more information, or to submit a complaint to the ombudsman, contact ADR Chambers Ombuds Office:

Phone: 1-844-235-4442 or 416-307-0019
Website: ADR Chambers