Inclusion and Special Needs Programs

The Town of Milton encourages and welcomes residents with disabilities to become involved in recreation programs. If any of the following apply, our special needs programs may be an appropriate program choice for your child:

  • Extra support is required at school.
  • Extra support is required at home, for basic care, such as dressing and toileting.
  • A disability exists that may affect the safety of your child or that of others in the program.
  • Your child is associated with a support agency.

Registered inclusion programs

There are a wide variety of program opportunities available for your child:


 Description Program Offering
 Specialized Specifically designed for children and youth with disabilities
  • S.N.A.P. (Special Needs Actiivity Program) 
  • Swim & Gym
 Integrated Provide extra support to children and youth with disabilities for various town of Milton recreation programs
  •  I-CAN (Integrated Care for Assisted Needs)

The Community Services Guide contains program descriptions, support worker information and registration details necessary to participate in the these programs.