Dog Tags

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The Town of Milton has partnered with Ren's Pets Depot for three years to promote the mandatory registration of dogs. Obtain your 2018 dog license online to receive a $25 voucher for Ren's Pets Depot that can be used on any purchase, redeemable at any of their retail locations.

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Dog Tag Fees

Type of Tag


Annual - Non-Spayed / Neutered dogs


Annual - Spayed / Neutered


Annual - Microchip (Non-Spayed / Neutered)


Annual - Microchip (Spayed / Neutered)













All dog tag renewals must be received by January 31 of each year. After this date, a late fee of $10.00 per dog will apply.  New residents must license their dogs within 7 days of moving to the Town of Milton; all new dogs for existing residents of the Town must be licensed within 7 days of taking ownership of the dog.  

Animal Control By-law

Cat Licensing

Cats do not require registration or a license, however; every cat owner must ensure that the owner's name and address are permanently inscribed on the cat's collar. Cat owners must ensure that their pets do not run at large and follow all other guidelines according to the Animal Control By-law.

Leash Requirements

The Animal Control By-law requires that dogs be leashed when they are in a public place or on private property without the consent of the property owner. The leash cannot exceed 2.1 metres (7 feet) in length. Maximum leash length for pit bulls is 1.8 metres (5.91 feet). 

Dog and Cat Limit

The Animal Control By-law 90-2004 states that a maximum of five (5) dogs and/or cats (to a maximum of 3 dogs or 4 cats therein) are permitted on one premises in urban areas and a maximum of eight (8) dogs and/or cats (to a maximum of 4 dogs or 6 cats therein) are permitted on one premises in rural areas.

Urban Area:

Urban Dogs (Maximum of 3) Urban Cats (Maximum of 4) Urban Maximum Per Premises (Total Dogs + Cats)
0 4 5
1 4 5
2 3 5
3 2 5

Rural Area:

Rural Dogs (Maximum of 4) Rural Cats (Maximum of 6) Rural Maximum Per Premises (Total Dogs + Cats)
0 6 8
1 6 8
2 6 8
3 5 8
4 4 8

Whom to notify if you move or your dog passes away?

If you have a current dog license and your pet has passed away please let us know by emailing the Town Clerk's office. Your dog license record will be updated so that you will no longer receive dog license reminders for your dog.