Heritage Permits

What is a Heritage Permit?

A heritage permit allows owners of a designated heritage property to make alterations.

According to the Ontario Heritage Act, owners of a designated property must receive the consent of their local Council for any alterations that affect the heritage attributes of their designated property. This process fully assesses the impact of the changes on the heritage attributes of the property and ensures the long-term conservation of the property.

Apply for a Heritage Permit

The Heritage Permit application must be accompanied by plans and/or other information that details the extent of the proposed works and the impact on the heritage attributes of the property.

Types of works that require a Heritage Permit:

  • Additions to an existing building or an accessory structure on the designated property
  • Replacement of windows and doors
  • Change in window or door openings
  • Removal and/or installation of porches, verandas, canopies, cladding and chimneys
  • Change in trim, roofing, cladding and painting of building exterior
  • Removal and/or installation of a deck, fence, gate, trellis, arbours and/or gazebos

Types of works that do not require a Heritage Permit:

  • Routine maintenance and minor repairs that do not change the exterior appearance of the main building, accessory structures and/or landscaping
  • Re-roofing in material and colour similar to existing material and colour
  • Repairs to, and replacement of eaves troughs and downspouts, unless these are ornamental and integral to the heritage character and appearance of the building
  • Re-pointing of brick and repairs to chimneys

Heritage Permit Review

When reviewing Heritage Permit applications, Council will take into account the policies in the Town of Milton's Official Plan and the information included in Designation By-law, as well as other relevant guidelines such as the Federal Government's "Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada."