Heritage List

Milton Council has approved a list of more than 1,000 properties that are of historic or architectural value or interest, known as the Heritage List.

The Heritage List covers a wide variety of properties that have a range of heritage significance. These can include houses, barns, churches, parks, war memorials, pioneer cemeteries, stores and some industrial buildings. Some are of limited heritage value, while a few properties are worthy of Heritage Designation under S.29 of the Ontario Heritage Act.

Heritage value

The Heritage List allows staff to easily identify properties of potential heritage value when they are affected by development proposals.

It is a useful tool to help the Town consider the impact of development proposals on the preservation and conservation of significant heritage resources and follow provincial policy requirements.

Alterations to properties on the Heritage List

A Heritage Permit is not required to do alterations to a building that is included on the Heritage List. Although, it's recommended to speak to Town staff prior to undertaking any building alterations to ensure that the heritage attributes of the listed property are not harmed. Studies have shown that there are economic and environmental advantages in retaining and properly maintaining heritage attributes.

Development in Milton's character area

Many of the properties on the Heritage List are located in Milton's downtown character area.

In order to conserve the unique historic character of this area, site plan approval is normally needed for new additions and new buildings. Schedule D of the Official Plan shows the location of the character area.

Site plan applications for proposals affecting the character area are reviewed by Heritage Milton.

Demolition of properties on the Heritage List

Town staff  reviews all proposals to demolish buildings and structures on the Heritage List. A Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) is normally required when applications are submitted in order to fully understand and take into account the heritage significance. The HIA may be shared with Heritage Milton for consultation and advice to staff.

Heritage preservation

Town staff and Heritage Milton can offer advice and guidance relating to heritage preservation. Owners of heritage properties are encouraged to contact staff prior to undertaking any works.

Is my property on the Heritage List?

The Heritage List is revised regularly to take into account changing addresses, old properties that are discovered, buildings that are demolished and evolving knowledge and perspectives of our local history. All new listing or delisting of properties on the Heritage List are approved by Council.

The owners of properties that contain buildings or structures that were built before the Second World War are strongly advised to contact staff to determine whether their property is included on the Heritage List and whether it is of heritage significance.