Heritage Designation

Purpose of Designation

The Ontario Heritage Act enables municipalities to designate buildings, landscape features and sites as "properties of cultural heritage value." Designation is formal recognition of a property's cultural value in a community. It helps to ensure the conservation of heritage resources for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations. 

The designation review process protects heritage properties against inappropriate change. Alterations and additions can take place; however, they require a Heritage Permit. Heritage Designation can also prevent the demolition of a designated building.

Heritage designation helps:

  • Preserve the essence of a neighbourhood
  • Increase the value of a property
  • Protect examples of architectural styles not common today

Heritage designation does not:

  • Require owners to undertake restoration works, nor does it prevent routine maintenance or minor repairs that do not change the heritage attributes of the property
  • Restrict the use or zoning of a property
  • Restrict the sale of the property, or lower property values

Applying for Designation

  1. Contact Heritage Milton to have your property officially designated by the Province of Ontario.
  2. Heritage Milton and the Town's Planning and Development Department will initiate a study to determine if designation would be appropriate.
  3. The study is submitted to Town Council, along with an application.
  4. If approved by Town Council, a Notice of Intention to Designate is sent to the owner and published in the local paper; (this review process is in place to hear any objections.)
  5. Upon final approval, Town Council enacts the By-law on Title.
  6. Notice is then sent to both the owner and the Ontario Heritage Foundation, notifying them that the property is formally designated.
  7. Heritage Milton then presents an official bronze plaque to the owner for display on the designated property.

List of Designated Properties 

There are 31 properties within the Town of Milton that have been designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. Each of these has a by-law that provides the reasons for designation and details the main heritage attributes of that property.

  • Town Hall, 150 Mary Street
  • Hugh Foster Hall, 141 King Street
  • Old Town Hall, 251 Main Street
  • 58 Victoria Street
  • 66 Victoria Street
  • 100 Victoria Street
  • 66 Charles Street
  • 82 Charles Street
  • 191 Margaret Street
  • 59 Mill Street
  • 99 Mill Street
  • 121 Mill Street
  • 360 Pine Street
  • 5576 Regional Road 25
  • 2113 25 Side Road (Stone Barn)
  • 4271 20 Side Road
  • 8473 Lawson Road (formerly known as 8445 Boston Church Road)
  • 5703 Tremaine Road
  • St. David's Church, Main Street, Campbellville
  • Rockwood Railway Station, Ontario Railway Museum
  • Christie-Henderson Lime Kilns
  • Ebenezer Church, 12274 Guelph Line     
  • Grand Trunk Railway Station, 1, Chris Hadfield Way
  • Bronte Pioneer Cemetery
  • 3097 15 Side Road (Nassagaweya Presbyterian Church)
  • 151 Robert Street
  • 16 Hugh Street
  • Austin Willmott House, 255 Ruhl Drive (formerly known as 895 Bronte Street South)
  • 3053 Derry Road West
  • 963 Stoutt Crescent
  • Waldie Blacksmith Shop, 16 Hugh Street 

Updated:  May 11, 2017