Mandatory Septic Re-Inspection Program

The Ontario Building Code (OBC) was amended through Ontario Regulation 315/10 to establish mandatory septic system inspection programs to be administered by Principal Authorities. The Town of Milton has implemented the Septic Maintenance Inspection Program to meet the provincially mandated requirements.

Purpose of the Program

The main purpose of the program is to protect the quality of our drinking water and environment by identifying malfunctioning septic systems that may be contributing to the contamination of source water in rural areas of Milton.

Properties Identified for Mandatory Septic Re-Inspection Program
Properties located in areas considered to be vulnerable to the Halton Regions' Source Water Protection Plan are to be included as part of the Mandatory Septic Re-Inspection Program.  
Authority of Inspections 

Sewage system maintenance inspections are generally intended to determine whether a sewage system is in compliance with the operation and maintenance requirements outlined in Section 8.9 of Division B of the Ontario Building Code. The Town of Milton has selected as permitted by the OBC to accept a 'Certificate' as an alternative to conducting an inspection. This will result in the most economical delivery of the program for the property owner. All fees will be direct between the property owner and the qualified consultant performing the inspection.

The OBC permits a person qualified with a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) or professional designers to perform the inspection and prepare the certificate, such as a:

  1. Septic designer with BCIN

  2. Septic Installer with supervisor BCIN

  3. Professional Engineer

  4. Architect

How the Program Works 

Affected property owners will be notified in the mail that they are required to perform a Mandatory Sewage System Maintenance Inspection as per the OBC. The property owner will then follow the noted process:

  1. Arrange for a qualified consultant who has a BCIN, Architect or Engineer conduct an inspection and complete the Town of Milton Septic System Re-Inspection Report
  2. The qualified consultant, Architect or Engineer completes the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing approved Certificate
  3. The completed inspection report and certificate are submitted to the Town of Milton Building Division for review and filing.

How Often Do I have To Conduct This Type Of Maintenance Inspection?

The OBC requires that the maintenance inspection be carried our every five (5) years.

My Septic System is Relatively New

If your septic system was installed after January 1, 2011 and is located within the identified area, you will need to have an inspection 5 years from the installation date and every 5 years thereafter.

What if the Consultant Finds a Problem?

The qualified consultant will note the concern on the Town of Milton Standard Re-Inspection Report and submit it to Town staff for review. Town staff will then follow up with you as to what needs to be done to bring the system into compliance.

What Does it Cost?

The Town of Milton will not have any fees associated with initial septic maintenance re-inspection process.  All fees will be direct between the property owner and the qualified person performing the inspection. 

Brochures and FAQS 

For further information or assistance with this program, please contact the Building Services Division at 905-878-7252, ext. 2397.