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Business Licenses

We issue a variety of municipal licenses to regulate the conduct of trades and businesses in the town, and ensure they comply with applicable by-laws:

Applying for a License

  • Download a license and visit the Town Clerk's Division:
    Town Hall, 150 Mary Street, Milton.
  • Rates and fees are payable by cash, cheque or debit. 
Type of License
Annual Business License (auctioneers, food sales, pawnbrokers)
Adult Video Store Class A & Class B
Body Rub Parlour - Owner
Commercial Refreshment Vehicle (stationary and mobile coffee trucks, ice cream and chip trucks, hot dog carts, etc.)
Commercial Refreshment Vehicle Operator
Kennel License
Personal Service (hair salons, spas)
Special Events
Salvage Yard
Taxi/Limousine - Broker
Taxi/Limousine - Driver
Taxi/Limousine - Owner
Transient Trader (day sales; door-to-door sales; craft and manufacturing shows; flea markets)


Fees vary according to classifications and are prorated annually.

Please refer to the Rates and Fees Schedule for specific license fees, or contact Licensing as noted at left.