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Rotary Park and Garden Lane Construction

View on map: 100 Garden Lane Milton, ON L9T 1S2

Construction Update: September 20, 2016

Rotary Park and Garden Lane are now open and fully accessible for visitors during the final reconstruction finishing work, which includes:

  • Sod/topsoil installation and base asphalt placement (Fall 2016)
  • Top asphalt placement (Spring 2017)

Park Upgrades

Construction upgrades will begin in spring 2017 (date to be determined). The playground will remain open until the construction begins. When park upgrades are complete, you will be able to enjoy improvements to the playground and spray pad in future seasons.

Rotary Park Improvements Plan

Garden Lane Reconstruction

Garden Lane reconstruction will include full depth road reconstruction, concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk replacement, storm sewers, tennis courts and street lighting.

Garden Lane Construction Plan