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Be “in the know” about snow at the end of your driveway

Posted on Friday January 12, 2018

Plow operators work to maximize snow clearing on the roadway where the cars travel to keep traffic flowing. Snow coming off the plow moves to the right, to keep it away from the roadway, which often results in piles of snow at the end of your driveway called windrows; the plow operator is not intentionally blocking driveways.

How can you reduce the windrows at the bottom of your driveway after a plow passes? When you shovel, pile the snow on the right side at the end of your driveway (facing the street from your driveway), following the traffic flow of the plow. This can help reduce the amount of snow pushed back onto your driveway when the plow passes.

The Town does not clear windrows; this is the responsibility of the homeowner. The Town offers a windrow program for seniors and persons with disabilities, which is now full for this winter season; registration opens again in the fall.

For more information about windrows and snow control visit: www.milton.ca/snowcontrol